Book Talk with R and T Announcement and Giveaway: THOSE GIRLS by Chevy Stevens

Yippee!! It's time for another Book Talk with R and T! Tamara and I are going to be talking about THOSE GIRLS by Chevy Stevens this week and we want all of our bookish and bloggy friends to join in! It is available through today on Netgalley and on sale everywhere tomorrow. Today, Tamara and I will be answering a few questions about Book Talk and the giveaway begins (be sure to enter below)! So without further ado, here are Tamara's responses to a few questions:

When deciding what book should be the next selection in Book Talk With R and T, how did THOSE GIRLS get selected?
Ugh! Starting off with a hard question, I see! I think to answer the question, people need to understand that Book Talk is about spotlighting books that we really want to read- whether it’s a newly published book or one that has been published in the past. The world is full of books and it’s not easy deciding on which book to choose. I think Chevy’s was an easy pick with the fact that THAT NIGHT was enjoyed by both of us last year!
What did you think of the cover of THOSE GIRLS by Chevy Stevens?
I thought the cover was eye-catching, but it was not till I started reading that I truly understood the meaning of the cover. The shattered mirror with the girls in each section really highlighted how their life was changing- and gave a peek into their future.
After reading THOSE GIRLS, are you more or less likely to seek out other Chevy Stevens books?
YESSSSSSSSSSS! A thousand times yes! I have already purchased 2 of Chevy’s backlist books- and eagerly await her next book. 
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