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Foodie Friday:: Little Bites: 100 Healthy, Kid-Friendly Snacks by Christine Chitnis and Sarah Waldman

Title: Little Bites: 100 Healthy, Kid-Friendly Snacks
Author: Christine Chitnis and Sarah Waldman
Publisher: Roost Books
Publication Date: July 14, 2015
ISBN: 9781611801774
Number of Pages: 288
How I Got It: NetGalley
Format: Kindle
NetGalley Description:
Leave the packaged snacks behind! Little Bites offers 100 wholesome, seasonal, vegetarian snacks perfect for active families. Anyone with children knows the stampede that occurs whenever the phrase "snack time" is uttered. Children associate snacks with fun, tasty, easy-to-eat foods, but as parents, we know that the very best snacks are all that and more. Snacks, when done right, serve an important purpose--they give our kids a needed boost of energy, whether after a long day of school or during an especially active trip to the playground. While at home with their young sons, Chitnis and Waldman discovered that when you are on the go with little ones, snacks become an important part of the day, nutritionally speaking. Never ones to settle for premade crackers or bags of sugary treats, they used their creativity and love of food to develop wholesome snacks that are easy to pack and simple to make. The result is a collection of inspired recipes that are healthier, tastier, and just right for active families that care about what they eat.

My Review:

I have a confession. Even though this book is targeted for kids, I wanted to read it in hopes of discovering some new snack options for myself. Working from home leads me to graze all day and sometimes that means realizing I just ate a half a box of crackers. I wanted some easy snack ideas and thought that the "for kids" angle would be perfect. I was right! There are several recipes I'm going to try "as is" but there are a few I might change a bit (I think the Brussel Sprout Crisps would be extra yummy if you added a little chopped bacon.) This book also has a great introductory section that includes alternatives to plastic snackware, the benefits of shopping local, and lists of pantry staples, seasonal produce, and time-saving techniques. The recipes are divided into seasonal sections. Here are a few examples: 
Spring: Honey Frozen Yogurt-Dipped Strawberries, Creamy Asparagus Dip with Flax Crackers, and Rhubarb Lemon Biscotti
Summer: Bunny Rabbit Rolls, Tomato-Scallion Biscuits, and Lemon-Glazed Blueberry Donuts
Fall: Brussel Sprout Crisps, Roasted Pumpkin Hummus, and Apple Power Pockets
Winter: Maple Brown Rice Pudding, Cranberry Gingerbread Cookies, and Cauliflower Mac-'n'-Cheese
I loved the photography and style of the book as well. The simple pictures would be great to talk about and show children as you were cooking together. This would be a perfect holiday gift for parents with young children or picky eaters wanting to snack healthier. 

***I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review**

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