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Q & A with Amy Lyle, Author of The Amy Binegar-Kimmes-Lyle Book of Failures

Amy Lyle is an actor, screenwriter and author. Her first book, released in May, The Amy Binegar - Kimmes - Lyle Book of Failures is a top 10 ebook. (Click *here* to check out my full review and *here* for my blog post). I caught up with Amy in between missing her flight to Boston and trying to find Rolaids in an airport shop.

Me: You are currently stranded. 
Amy: Temporarily, I read my flight number incorrectly and waited at the wrong gate. Another flight goes out in an hour. 
Me: A story for your next book.
Amy: Of course!

Me: What compelled you to write a book that has often, cringe-worthy moments about failures including an issue with IBS? 
Amy: 1. I was marketing a screenplay and an entertainment attorney told me I had to “Get on the map.” he suggested I write a blog or book. The first thought that popped into my head was “I have had a lot of failures...” 2. IBS is real and everybody poops, let’s just admit that.

Me: In the book you seem like you struggle raising four teenagers. 
Amy: Yes.
Me: Are people relating to that part of the book? 
Amy: Yes. Most of the feedback I get from readers is that they struggle with raising kids too. I love that people are open and honest with what’s really going on in their homes.

Me: You are forty-six, mid-life. You write about fighting the aging process, why not grow old gracefully? 
Amy: Really?
Me: Yes.
Amy: I like the idea of growing old gracefully, I just do not care for the look of myself growing old gracefully. I’m not going down without a fight.
Me: You are fighting it? 
Amy: I’m not winning, but I am fighting. I asked Andrea Ferenchik, the photographer to photoshop my butt on the back cover. No one wants to look at my real butt cheek, trust me.

Me: What has been the biggest failure of launching the book?
Amy: I invested a huge amount of time and money into a book launch party. I wanted everyone to buy the book on Amazon at the event to kick off sales. The venue had poor internet connectivity and I did not sell any books.
Me: Not even one? 
Amy: Maybe three. However, the next day I sold 500, so it worked out.
Me: Your book launch was interesting, you gave away 200 prizes including vaginal rejuvenation surgery and a Cool Sculpting fat reduction treatment- how did that come about? 
Amy: A friend, Dr. Myla Bennett, was the emcee at the event and I asked her if she could provide a prize, such as hydrator cream sets or free Botox. She’s a genius at branding and thought we should go big or go home. The prizes generated a lot of buzz, giving us both exposure.

Me: You’ve been on Atlanta and Co (an Atlanta morning television show) as a regular guest. How did you get that gig or any of your other gigs? 
Amy: For Atlanta and Company, GPB and Points North Magazine, I called the producer or the editor and pitched that they could do a lot with an author that has a book about failures. Other press has been gained by my friend and P/R guru Becky Robinson of Chatterhouse Communications. Both Becky and I always include pictures that Andrea Ferenchik took to promote the book, they are ridiculous and funny, people notice them and what to know what’s going on. The fan series for example:

Me: What’s your advice for surviving failure? 
Amy: Share it. Even the most horrific failures (I have been fortunate so far to avoid anything really catastrophic) will teach you something or give comfort to another person. I was raised in a “Do not air your dirty laundry” house but telling someone you have failed often lifts the burden. Plus, I’m very suspicious and you should be too of anyone that never disclosing any of their shortcomings. They can not be trusted.

Me: What’s your next project? 
Amy: Getting my screenplay, #fakemom sold to Judd Apatow.

Order a copy of The Amy Binegar-Kimmes-Lyle Book of Failures *here* and be sure to grab some for anyone on your holiday shopping list who loves a laugh!