Book Talk with R and T: Dream Movie Cast for THOSE GIRLS

Today Tamara and I are sharing our dream movie cast for Chevy Stevens' THOSE GIRLS. You know when you are reading a book and you can picture the characters in your mind? Here's who I would pick and why:

younger Danielle/Dani: (17, tomboyish, brunette) Bailey Madison would be great transition role for her from most commonly known child star role in Just Go With It
Dallas: (mid-30s, tough, athletic) Nikki Reed has the physique that could really be sculpted to look like a badass

younger Courtney: (16, pretty blond) Chloe Grace Moretz has already played several young sexpot roles very well
Crystal: (mid-30s, unstable, rough around the edges) Amanda Seyfried would be great in this role if she was aged a little bit. Maybe some extra wrinkles around the eyes from constant smoking.

younger Jess: (15, innocent)  Elle Fanning has the virginal, peaches and cream thing down pat.
Jamie: (early 30s, hardened) Alicia Silverstone because I would love to see her in a wizened mother role with a tough edge.

Skylar: (young, naive) AnnaSophia Robb would be believable as the daughter / niece of the sisters.

young Brian: (kinda cute, greasy, mastermind) Dylan Minnette because there is just something in his look that I think could be turned to cute guy on surface but evil underneath.
Brian: (more straightlaced with an evil undercurrent) Sam Rockwell. Have you seen The Green Mile? I rest my case.

young Gavin: (follower, less cute best friend) Spencer Breslin has an outcast/ school shooter vibe
Gavin: fat, chip on his shoulder Jack Black because he is so lovable but it would be great to see him in a dark role.

I'm so excited to see what Tamara thought and to hear who other readers think would be good fits for the movie roles. Be sure to leave a comment or tweet Tamara @RockStar1023 and Me @IvoryOwlReviews  #BookTalkwithRandT

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