The Disrespectful Interviewer

Title: The Disrespectful Interviewer
Author: Lauren Baratz-Logsted
Publisher: Hat City Press
Publication Date: 2013
Pages: (100?)
How I got it: from the author

Lauren Baratz-Logsted takes a refreshing angle in her thirteen author interviews. It seems unbelievable and uncomfortable to believe that an author could ever be asked some of the questions Logsted presents, but she has obviously encountered interviewers with the level of tactics she is employing. While some of the subjects interviewed seem perplexed by the attack, others embrace and run with it, giving great silly responses. Snarky Kristy Kiernan quips to "Chew on that for a while, Logsted." While others, such as  Adriana Trigiani, prove their loveliness and could put even the most disrespectful interviewer on their best behavior.  

Each interview starts off with Logsted trying to throw these authors off their game, but many of  the interviews  evolve into  very informative conversations.  For example, J.A. Konrath offers great ideas of how to "fix" big publishing. 
Not wanting to jinx anyone into having to be the thirteenth interview, Logsted interviews herself and ends the series on a hilarious note. 

The interviews also include great questions such as "If you were stranded on a desert island, what book do you want?" and "What's the one book you wish you had written?" Logsted also invites subjects to discuss and respond to their worst reviews.
I found myself chuckling several time because I personally try to be as polite and appreciative as possible, but I know that that is not always the case. 

This book will especially be enjoyed by anyone that has been shocked by an interview question or been challenged to think of an interesting new angle to interview someone. Although I wouldn't suggest employing Logsted's exact line of questioning...

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