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Sweet Salt Air

Title: Sweet Salt Air
Author: Barbara Delinsky
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Publication Date: June 18, 2013
ISBN: 9781250007032
Pages: 402
How I got it: Wunderkind PR

Open this book and escape to Quinnipeague for a story that is Something's Gotta Give meets Message in a Bottle. Dreamy landscapes and island charm will have you feeling the sand beneath your feet and the sweet salt air in your hair. 

Nicole Carlysle grew up wealthy in all ways as an only child. She and her family summered every year in their sprawling summer home on idyllic Quinnipeague Island. Charlotte Evans had a less than ideal upbringing, but as Nicole's best friend she summered with the Carlysles every year. Ten summers ago, on Charlotte's wedding weekend,  one drunken decision changes their lives.  In the time since, Charlotte has become a jet-setting global travel writer based out of New York. Nicole is wife to her Philadelphia-based neonatal-surgeon husband as well as a farm-to-table food blogger with a massive following. When Nicole is faced with the task of returning to Quinnipeague to prepare her family's summer home for sale after her father's death, she invites Charlotte to stay with her. With hopes of repairing their friendship and collaborating on a cookbook, Nicole is expecting a summer filled with closure and immortalizing local Quinnipeague herbs and recipes. But each of the women have a secret that the other doesn't know. Secrets that are devastatingly linked and exposed upon the women's reunion. 

Nested within the story is another novel. Both women find themselves reading the same bestseller, Salt, when they arrive at the island for the summer.  Through their discussion of the book, they give insight to their differing views on relationships. Views that become very verbalized when Charlotte becomes involved with the island's local "bad boy." 

I personally found the descriptions of Nicole's blog and cookbook wonderful and inspiring. I also loved the realistic dialogue and conversations. I did have problems with the flow of reading due to a lot of grammatical mistakes such as missing, repeated or incorrect words, but I'm sure these were cleaned up in the final round of edits. All in all, a great summer read!

**I received a copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review**

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