My Three Summer Reading Picks

With summer officially started, there are tons on beach reads lists.  I would like to add my two (three?) cents and give my three recommendations

On Grace by Susie Orman Schnall
I liked this book for its relatability. Real problems in marriages and friendships. Daily struggles of the multiple roles played by wives, mothers, sisters, daughters, and friends. Read my full review here:

The Wishing Tree by Mary Beth Whalen
I'm still reading this one so I can't give a full review, but Ivy Marshall finds out that her husband cheated on her the same day that her sister is proposed to on national television. She returns to her family's coastal home to help her sister plan her wedding and mend her broken heart.
Sweet Salt Air by Barbara Delinsky
Two women reuite after ten years apart. Secrets unite them and will tear them apart.  Add an island setting, good blogging and some romance.  I'm calling it Something's Gotta Give meets Message In A Bottle. Read my full review here:

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