Revenge Wears Prada: The Devil Returns

Revenge Wears Prada

Look out summer reading lists!  Lauren Weisberger is back with Revenge Wears Prada: The Devil Returns, a sequel to her 2003 debut novel The Devil Wears Prada.  For those of you living under a rock, The Devil Wears Prada shot to the top of the best-seller lists ten years ago and inspired the 2006, $27 million opening weekend film, starring Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway.

Weisberger wrote three more best-selling "luxe life" novels since Devil (Everyone Worth Knowing, Chasing Harry Winston, and Last Night at Chateau Marmont) but thankfully returned to give readers a little more Andy Sachs.

Revenge picks up at Andy's wedding to media heir and darling Max Harrison.  Joining forces with now friend and business partner Emily to produce their own high-end bridal magazine, The Plunge, Andy feels that her life is perfect.  But as the inside cover of the novel so eloquently states, "karma's a bitch." Andy accidentally finds a letter to Max from his mother on the day of their wedding begging him not to marry her.  If that weren't enough, Miranda wants to acquire The Plunge and Andy's life is turned upside down with one phone call.   

Devil was delicious with luxury goods and voyeuristic insight to Runway and readers rooted for the fashion-afflicted, second "Emily." Revenge will be enjoyed by those who've "been there done that" with demanding and degrading bosses and have decided to invest their talents in themselves. 

A large portion of the book focuses on a new person in Andy's life but is not hinted at in press releases or the dust jacket.  This storyline will be a great third book in the Prada series.  I also loved Miranda's entrance in this novel! I can visualize how it would look on the big screen and I desperately want that to happen. Maybe I'll give my two cents to the wonderful Lauren Weisberger next week at the Book Festival of the MJCCA?  As I'm sure she is waiting on pins and needles for my suggestions....

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