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On My Radar: February 2019 Releases

Here are 7 February 2019 releases I have my eye on. Click on each title to check them out on Goodreads. 

  1. Notes from a Black Woman's Diary: Selected Works of Kathleen Collins  by Kathleen Collins (February 5 / Ecco)
  2. Divided Loyalties  by Nilofar Shidmehr (February 5 / Astoria)
  3. The Peacock Feast by Lisa Gornick (February 5 / Sarah Crichton Books)
  4. "Muslim": A Novel  by Zahia Rahmani (February 12 / Deep Vellum Publishing)
  5. The Heavens by Sandra Newman (February 12 / Grove Press)
  6. The Writer's Gift or the Patron's Pleasure?: The Literary Economy in Late Medieval France by Deborah McGrady (February 24 / University of Toronto Press)
  7. Vacuum in the Dark by Jen Beagin (February 26 / Scribner)

Are you looking forward to reading any of these? What other February releases are you excited about? 


Catherine Gilmore said...

I already had Vacuuming in the Dark on my list, but The Peacock's Feast sounds like exactly the kind of book I love. Thank you!

The book I'm most looking forward to in February is The Chef's Secret by Crystal King. I loved her debut- she combines food and history in amazing ways.

Rhiannon Johnson said...

Oh I'm looking up The Chef's Secret. I love food books (fiction and non-fiction)! I am reading The Comfort Food Diaries right now.