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My New Feature in Cherry Creek and Boulder Lifestyle Magazines

I love suggesting and reviewing books and I love writing for magazines, which probably makes my Page Turners features my favorite articles to write! Check out the magazines here: 

Winter Warmers: Cuddle Up with These Winter Themed New Releases
by Rhiannon Johnson
photography provided by publishers

Ways to Hide in Winter by Sarah St. Vincent
MHPBooks.com $25.99
Deep in the Blue Ridge Mountains, a young widow befriends a mysterious foreigner; setting in motion a politically charged journey of violence, betrayal, empathy, and reconciliation.

Moon of the Crusted Snow by Waubgeshig Rice
ECWPress.com /$14.95
Leaders must restore order and save their people from a grave fate as their small northern Anishinaabe community faces winter without power or communication. 

Winter Loon by Susan Bernhard
A haunting coming-of-age story about a resilient boy confronting the burden of his family’s dark, broken past and finding the freedom in letting go.

Winter: Warm Recipes for Cold Nights by Louise Franc
140 classic and modern recipes from around the world that not only taste amazing but will keep you warm on cold winter nights.

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