What Would Oprah Do by Erin Emerson

Title: What Would Oprah Do?
Author: Erin Emerson
Publisher: King Literary Group
Publication Date: September 15, 2013
ISBN: 9780615880488
Number of Pages: 273
How I Got It: direct from author
Format: paperback

Goodreads Description:

Cate Sanders is a 32-year-old woman living on her own in Atlanta, who’s at a crossroads. After being laid off from her corporate job, she’s determined to find a new career path. To help guide her, she looks to the woman she admires most, Oprah Winfrey. At every new phase she writes a letter to Oprah, knowing in all probability her hero won’t be reading them, but finds hope and inspiration from imagining what Oprah’s words of wisdom would be.

With Amelia Bedelia tendencies and a Chelsea Handler attitude, Cate’s mishaps provide humor, while her relationships give the story depth. Throughout her amusing and heartwarming trials, she searches for the answer to one question. Can she find her purpose in life by pursuing her passion?

My Review:
Cate is hilarious. What a great outlook: "What would Oprah do?" In a premise that hasn't been done before, Cate writes a letter to Oprah at the beginning of each chapter describing what is going on in her life and who hasn't wanted to be adopted by Oprah? While Oprah is inspirational in so many ways, Cate Sanders uses Oprah as a sort of life compass.  When Cate experiences a job loss, she decides she will chase her dreams...cue the funny consequences. The comparison of author Emerson to Chelsea Handler should be dismissed. Any author can be raunchy but it takes smarts to pull off all the funny scenes that Emerson puts Cate in.  A reader will sigh when Cate  says "I don't know when I turned into this person who can't get it together" and cheer her on because she just keeps moving forward. This is a great debut by an author that is sure to bring more chick lit fabulous reads in the future.

** I received this book in exchange for an honest review **

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