Indie Chick Lit Tours: Unfaithfully Yours: Confessions of a Cheating Bitch by Chrystal Rose

Title: Unfaithfully Yours: Confessions of a Cheating Bitch
Author: Chrystal Rose
Publisher: Xtal Rose
Publication Date: February 13, 2012
ISBN: 9780615580173
Number of Pages: 248 
How I Got It: Indie Chick Lit Book Tour
Format: Paperback

Think Tucker Max meets Chelsea Handler-- This is a humorous memoir about the struggle a young woman goes through to remain faithful. Throughout the book she shares relationship advice, do's and don'ts, personal experiences and dating tips.
For Example:
*How to Determine if You're Dating a Mama's Boy
*The Do's and Don'ts of Getting Laid
*The Rules of Being a Mistress or Mister
*And a LOT More!
This is NOT a "How to Cheat Guide" but an honest peek into someone else's life. And since women don't typically admit to cheating, or are pegged for it nearly as often as men--Aren't you a little curious?

My Review:
I did think of Chelsea Handler when I read this book in regards to the sex but the author is truly...a bitch. What a great escapist piece of reading. Chrystal Rose has so many crazy girl's night out drinking stories that I was tired just reading them. She has multiple one-night stands and short term relationships while simultaneously stringing along her boyfriend / fiancĂ©. I've suggested this release to several girlfriends and everyone is loving it. Whether you are in your early 20's like Chrystal and going out to have some escapades of your own, or you have your own memories of your own crazy hijinks, you will enjoy reading about driving home wearing nothing but a thong or waking up and wondering the hell you are. 

** I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review **