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Emily Dickinson

Paul Legault has rewritten over 1,000 of Emily Dickinson's poetry into modern English.  I love Emily Dickinson's poetry and this should not be taught instead of her work, but it would be a great addition in schools.  The introductory snippet makes a valid point in that Legault actually creates individual and independent poems out of his reworkings.  Here is a short introduction (under 3 min)to his creations.

Sylvia Plath

I could reread Sylvia Plath's Unabridged Journals or "The Bell Jar" over and over again, but I never really embraced her poetry.  Until we deconstructed her poem "Daddy" in a Women's Studies class at college.  I was amazed that so much story could be packaged into such a small space.  Listen here to Sylvia reading the poem.

Barbara Kingsolver

If you listen to audio books, you know that a narrator can make or break how much you will enjoy the book.  I have stopped many books within the first half hour of listening because I know that I can not stand to hear that voice for another 8 to 12 hours.  I was lucky enough to choose Prodigal Summer as an audio book rather than print and have never heard a more beautiful narrating voice.

Joshilyn Jackson

I read all of Jackson's previous works but listened to the audio version of "A Grown Up Kind of Pretty" and fell in love with her smooth, clear, Southern voice.  I'd listen to her read the back of shampoo bottles if she'd record it!

Do you have a favorite audio author?  Please leave a comment.

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