Least Favorite Books

I'm a book lover. I love almost everything I read. But I have a few that I would say are not my favorite.  Here are just a few:

Dare Me by Meg Abbott:  My Goodreads review for this was "Ok. I give up!  I tried.  I truly tried.  But pg 180 was all the further I could go.  And I had to force myself to get that far.  Terrible.  Disgusting. Sad. I like to watch a crappy movie every once in a while but I can't make myself read a D-list book.  Ugh."

The Magicians by Lev Grossman:  I tried to read this book for a book club but it is not my genre.  The book has been described as a grown-up Harry Potter.  I may be one of the only people that has not read the Harry Potter series but I don't knock it.  It's just not a series I am interested in, so I was not drawn to another version. 

Anything by Henry James:  These were so hard for me to get through in college.  The stream of conciousness, run on sentences were agonizing.

Tristram Shandy:  My #1 most hated book.  The same problem as I had with James.  

Do you have a #1 "bad" book?  Why did you not like it?  

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