Female Voices and Villians

I'm drawn to female voices most of the time.  This list of 21st century literature by women is my kind of list.  I've probably read about half but would love to read them all.  I've got most on my "to-read" list already, but this compilation allows me to add some that may have slipped through the cracks.

My favorites on the list are:
**Margaret Atwood (absolutely everything she writes I love)
**Alice Hoffman (The Dovekeepers is beautiful)
**Joshilyn Jackson (love everything by her.  You should experience audio versions-see previous post)
**Barbara Kingsolver (again, great audio experience.  I like all her work but did not like The Lacuna)
**Elisabeth Kostova (I look forward to re-reading The Historian every October.)
**Nicole Krauss (The History of Love.)
**Jhumpa Lahiri (The Emperor of Maladies was a college read that I was glad to be exposed to)
**Audrey Niffenegger ( I did not like the Time Traveler's Wife but I loved Her Fearful Symmetry)
**Joyce Carol Oates (has produced a plethora of work, too many to read in its entirety, but my favorite thus far is We Were the Mulvaneys
**Elissa Schappell (Blueprints for Building Better Girls is a great collection of stories to add to non-fiction works (like Peggy Orenstein) regarding changing landscapes of teenage girls
**Kathryn Stockett (has anyone NOT read The Help? Great addition to the Southern genre)

I like a dark and gothic story.  Here are 10 Female Villains.  I wish there were more.  I think I will try to dig into this.  A female villain sounds good at this time of the year.

If you are writing a story yourself, you need to make your reader love to hate your villain.  Here are some tips to make us Love Your Villains.

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