Foodie Friday:: Only in Naples by Katherine Wilson

Title: Only in Naples
Author: Katherine Wilson
Publisher: Random House
Publication Date: April 19, 2016
ISBN: 9780812998160
Number of Pages: 304
How I Got It: Netgalley
Format: Kindle
Goodreads Description:

In the tradition of M. F. K. Fisher and Peter Mayle, this enchantingly warm and witty memoir follows American-born Katherine Wilson on her adventures abroad, where a three-month rite of passage in Naples turns into a permanent embrace of this boisterous city on the Mediterranean. It is all thanks to a surprising romance, a new passion for food, and a spirited woman who will become her mother-in-law—and teach her to laugh, to seize joy, and to love

My Review:
I'm a sucker for any international travel or internship novels. Add a foodie theme to it and I'm hooked. Plus, this book was written in perfect bite-sized pieces so I could pick it up and put it down easily...because, you know, life. I always find it interesting to read about the minutiae of daily life. Katherine Wilson tells readers all about what foods her future mother-in-law serves as well as insight into Italian dating, plumbing, fashion, and socializing. Like every foodie book, I of course got hungry while I was reading it and luckily there is a collection of recipes at the end, including one for ragù that I am looking forward to trying. 
***Disclaimer:: I was given a copy of this release in exchange for an honest review. I received no additional compensation. ***


Judy Krueger said...

Sounds yummy!

Carmen said...

Sounds like a fulfilling read in every way.