Book Talk with R & T: SPOILER Day for Ruin Falls by Jenny Milchman

I hope everyone is loving this week's feature on Book Talk. Today we are talking *SPOILERS* of Ruin Falls. T & I were DMing on Twitter all the jaw dropping pages and now we want to chat about them a little bit. So if you haven't read this Thrillerlicious novel .... read no further!

Me: "I'm on page 38. Trying to figure this out. Hmmm."
I can usually figure out a plot line pretty quick but I was still not sure where this was going.

Me: "Gah. I can't put this one down. I'm on page 140. This is a very fast read for me."
This was right after I read: "Of the cast of characters back then, the first was missing and the second was dead. Which meant that Liz had better track down the third." I thought this would just be about Liz trying to find her kids but here we started getting some back story of why her husband may have done what he'd done.

Tamara: "Good grief you were right, RF is soo good! I'm on pg 100 & I'm all 'omg' & 'wtf'!

Me: "I know! I'm thinking survivalists. Is he going to take them to some kind of bunker? I'm on 142 & a ton happens between 100-142. Whoa!" Paul is teaching some end of the world shit to his students, poor Madeline Jennings' mother is hijacking her pregnancy, a child falls out of Liz's tree, Marjorie tells Liz about the accident and Coach being in prison, Paul's memorial garden. 

Tamara: "Whoo, idk! That's kind what I'm thinking. I mean even b4 he took the kids he was a bit on nutty side so that makes sense!" What not every dad monitors the carbon footprint of fruit snacks?

Tamara: "168 & PEW is giving me the creeps."

Tamara: "She's just found his chat in PEW."

Me: "What p are u on? I just hit 195 & oh shit!" When the PEW acronym is explained, you knew that shit was going to get crazy. 

Me: "I just got another eye popper on 198!" The man who called himself the Shoemaker spoke up for the first time. De-lurking after the initial flurry of posts. "WELL? LET'S DO IT." (I just got goosebumps typing that now!) My heart was racing when I read this and I was like "WHAT? WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO?"

Me: "I freaked out: 195 when u find out what PEW means, then 198 when The Shoemaker posts his 1st comment & u make connection between story lines"

Tamara: "Yes! Total freak out moment"

Me: "236!!!!!!!" " I need a Xanex. Lol" That was the best stand-off scene! So intense! I was holding my breath!

Me: "I love Earl" Earl is just reminiscing about making love to his wife in the afternoons and finds himself in a hostage situation. But he keeps his cool and protects those kids! I love Earl!

Tamara: "I'm on pg 288 & am getting nervous/tingly feeling! Shoemaker just attacked Liz cpl pages ago!" Reid has made the kids' second phone call and now Liz is on to where they might be. Finally, a clue!

Me: You know when u watch a movie through your fingers because you do and don't want to watch what happens?  That.    P 307" Now she has all the kids but needs to get away...and the only option is crossing at the falls? Oh no!

Tamara: "It's not going to be Annabelle or The Conjuring scary?!" T & I do NOT like scary movies and we do NOT like the commercials for these two movies either! No dolls and no hand clapping, please!

Me: "No. Not that kind. I keep thinking she can't surprise me anymore....then she does!"

Me: "Ok. Finished. I need wine"

Tamara: "I finished...omg, so good. I was curled up with tension waiting to see how it would end. And the shoemaker?!!  Wow. he was a character. He really was!" Total #LiteraryCreep  When he was in the house with Liz and when he talked to the women on the farm. Never mind that he killed a mother and took a baby from another mother. His parents screwed him up good!

Me: When he revealed he was the coach's cell mate my jaw dropped when my brain was making the connections." That's a lot of time to plan your revenge...only to be taken down by your target's son. Ouch. Karma's a bitch, Shoemaker!

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