Book Talk with R & T: Movie Cast for Ruin Falls by Jenny Milchman

Yesterday Tamara featured a great interview with author Jenny Milchman. Today we are giving our suggestions for who we would choose to have cast in the movie version of "Ruin Falls."
Tamara's suggestions are here.  I didn't read them until I made my own choices. I wonder if we have any similarities?


Liz made choices that were logical and smart during her search for her children. She was focused, not flighty, so an actress would need to be perceived as stable and intelligent. I would suggest:  Michelle Williams.


Paul is a self-centered sleaze ball who thinks he knows what is best for his family with no regards to anyone else's opinions. Who better to play this part than Jim Marchese from Real Housewives of New Jersey?!


As Liz's best friend she is supportive but has her own problems with her teenage son. There is also an air of suspicion around her in a few parts. I would suggest: Emily Blunt


Tim is now the police chief but he dated Liz when they were younger. I would want a strong man with a soft side so I would suggest: Ryan Gosling, duh.


Creepster to the max. You need an actor who is cold and ruthless: I would say Christian Bale.

Did you read Ruin Falls? Who do you think some of the characters should have playing them in a movie? Did Tamara and I have any matches?

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