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115 Book Bloggers You Should be Following

I love Twitter. I usually do most of my bookish interaction on there but *gasp* I wasn't following a lot of my Twitter friends' blogs! I knew I needed to update my blogroll, but I also knew it would be a very time consuming task. Well, today was the day! After going through 600+ accounts that I follow on my personal Twitter account (@writerrhiannon,) I did a massive update to my personal blogroll. I then went through those blogs and made a list (with links) of (current / active) book bloggers that I love. Now I'm sharing with you! Of course you should also follow MY book blog Ivory Owl Reviews! Please leave a comment if you want to add a blog.
  1. A Blonde Librarian
  2. A Mom in the Middle
  3. A Patchwork of Books
  4. About Happy Books
  5. Adria in Paris
  6. Always With a Book
  7. Anita Loves Books
  8. Arts & Life
  9. As I turn the pages
  11. Becoming Books
  12. Beth Fish Reads
  13. Bibliophilia, Please
  15. Book Barn
  16. Book Chick
  17. Book Dilettante
  18. Book Stop
  19. Book-alicious Mama
  20. Bookalicious Babe Book Reviews
  21. Bookman
  22. Bookfoolery
  23. Bookishly Witty
  24. Books in the Burbs
  25. Bookworm's World
  26. Busy Brunette's Bookshelf
  27. Cerebral Girl
  28. Closed the Cover 
  29. CocoDrizzle
  30. Coffee and a Book Chick
  31. Cynthia Robertson
  32. Doing Dewey
  33. Entomology of a Bookworm
  34. Estella's Revenge
  35. Geeky Bloggers Book Blog
  36. Gilmore Guide to Books
  37. Girls Just Reading
  38. Great Imaginations
  39. Hearth and Homefront
  40. heavenali
  41. House of Blog
  42. I'm Lost in Books
  43. Interesting Literature
  44. iva-marie palmer
  45. Jennifer Joyce Writes
  46. Jenn's Bookshelves
  47. JulzReads
  48. KerryAnnMorgan
  49. Laura's Reviews
  50. Lesa's Book Critiques
  51. Libereading
  52. Linus's Blanket
  53. Lost Generation Reader
  54. Love at First Book
  55. Love, Laughter, and a Touch of Insanity
  56. Loving Books
  57. Luxury Reading
  58. Man of la Book
  59. Missris
  60. Mrs. Mommy Booknerd
  61. Novel Life
  62. Novel Review
  63. Oh, Chrys!
  64. One More Page...
  65. One Person's Journey
  66. Palmer's Page Turners
  67. Palmer's Picks for Reading
  68. Parajunkee's View
  69. Peeking Pages
  70. Pivot Book Reviews
  71. poofbooks
  72. Posting For Now 
  73. Read for Pleasure
  74. Read-at-Home Mama
  75. Reading & Eating
  76. River City Reading
  77. S. Krishna's Books
  78. Sally Kilpatrick
  79. Sandy Nawrot
  80. Sarah's Book Shelves
  81. Seaside Book Nook
  82. She Treads Softly
  83. Shelf Addiction 
  84. Shelf Pleasure
  85. Silver's Reviews
  86. Southern Spines
  87. Story Matters
  88. Svetlana's Reads
  89. Tales of the Marvelous
  90. Ten Penny Dreams
  91. That's What She Read
  92. The Baking Bookworm
  93. The Book Diva's Reads
  94. The Book Junkie
  95. The Boston Bibliophile
  96. The Broke and the Bookish
  97. The Evening Reader
  98. The New Dork Review of Books
  99. The Relentless Reader
  100. The Sweet Escape
  101. The Well-Read Redhead
  102. The Writes of Woman
  103. Tiny Library
  104. Too Fond
  105. Traveling With T
  106. Turn the Page
  107. Unabridged Chick
  108. Utah Mom's Life
  109. We Be Reading
  110. Whisks & Words
  111. WildmooBooks
  112. Worn Pages and Ink 
  113. Write For Me
  114. {The Book Musings}

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