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Rain on Your Wedding Day

Title: Rain on Your Wedding Day
Author: Curtis Edmonds
Publisher: Scary Hippopotamus
Publication Date: 
ISBN: 9780988916333
Number of Pages: 278
How I Got It: Contacted by the author

Author Supplied Summary:
RAIN ON YOUR WEDDING DAY is the story of Will Morse, an ex-NFL player and Coca-Cola executive who experienced a traumatic breakdown after the dramatic suicide of his youngest daughter Trixie, an NCAA tennis champion. Will was accused of murder in Trixie's death, but was able to clear himself of the charges. The ensuing scandal cost him his marriage, his job, and his relationship with his daughter Alicia, his only surviving child.As the novel opens, Alicia makes a surprise visit to Will's remote cabin in the Georgia mountains to announce that she is getting married. Will wants to rekindle his relationship with her daughter, especially once he learns that she is pregnant. However, Will fears that attending the wedding will bring up painful memories from his past, and lead to conflict with his ex-wife and her family, who still blame him for Trixie's death.
Will develops a relationship with Dot Crawford, a literature professor, who makes a chance visit to his cabin. The relationship flowers into a romantic friendship, and Will begins to open up to Dot about his tragic past. But Will soon learns that Dot is not all that she appears, and that she is working on a book about his daughter and her death.
On the eve of Alicia's wedding, Will must confront the guilt and shame that he feels, and seek forgiveness for his actions that put Trixie in danger, and decide whether to reach out to Dot and forgive her for her betrayal.
My Review:
I rarely find a male author who possesses a writing style I enjoy. I have had male authors request that I review their work and either their work doesn't fit my review criteria or they are trying to write in a female voice and the results are painful. So when I first saw the title/author combo of  "Rain on Your Wedding Day" and "Curtis Edmonds" in a review request, I was initially skeptical. Reading further into the query, I found Edmonds writing humorous and likeable, making me less apprehensive. Upon reaching the summary I was sold on the story. I'm pretty sure that "a modern Southern Gothic novel (set in Blue Ridge, Georgia and Atlanta) about the need for forgiveness, redemption, and Coca-Cola" describes a perfect example of the type of book I love.

The story opens with Will receiving a visit from his daughter at his mountain cabin. An invitation to her upcoming wedding breaks the monotony of his daily life of seclusion. His preparations for the event shakes up his routine and when tragedy strikes his family again, he is forced to discuss the questions surrounding his daughter's death. While the story spans a short amount of time, hermit-like Will faces dating, going to a social event, and the stairs. His bad knees have prevented him from trekking upstairs too often, allowing him to ignore his daughters' rooms, a perfect metaphor for what he has closed off and refuses to acknowledge. The dark subject matters are uncovered in bite-sized pieces, just the same as how Will deals with it all.

This novel should be considered by publishers for future release under their label due to Edmonds' well rounded characters and perfect timing. I believe this is the best self-published book I have read this year.

*** I received this book in exchange for an honest review ***

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