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Hush Little Baby

Title: Hush Little Baby
Author: Suzanne Redfearn
Publisher: Hachette
Publication Date: October 8, 2013
Pages: 368
How I Got it: via Suzy Q (@SuzyQZ416) and Marissa Sangiacomo at Hatchette Books

Goodreads Summary:

If I stay, he will kill me. If I leave, he'll destroy Addie and Drew. Jillian Kane appears to have it all - a successful career, a gorgeous home, a loving husband, and two wonderful children. The reality behind closed doors is something else entirely. For nine years, she has hid the bruises and the truth of her abusive marriage in order to protect Addie and Drew, knowing, if she left, Gordon would destroy her-destroy them.When, in an act of desperation, she flees, her worst nightmare is realized, and she finds herself on the run with her two young children, no money, and no plan. With Gordon in hot pursuit, there is only one inescapable certainty: No matter where she goes, he will find her. Kill her. And take her children.A riveting page-turner, HUSH LITTLE BABY exposes the shame and terror of domestic violence as well as the disturbing role manipulation and sabotage can play in the high-stakes game of child custody. Suspenseful and unforgettably moving, it's a novel about the unbreakable bonds of family and the astounding, terrifying devotion of a mother's love.

My Review:

     I have never read such a heart-pounding, stomach-wrenching, nail-biting, edge of my seat, can't put down thriller! I had to force myself to slow down because I was tripping over every word to get to the next.
     Just like the husbands we see in Sleeping with the Enemy or Enough, Gordon is a powerful man who is viewed as a pillar of the community.  His expectation of perfection manipulates every situation to his advantage while putting up a perfect facade. His wife, Jillian,  believes she can control his rage by being perfect, but as a working mother, things fall through the cracks. A forgotten lunch, a missed pick-up, a child's public tantrum are all chalked up to a bad day for a regular working mom. But Gordon's keeping a list, retaliating, and leaving no loose ends. The fact that he is a cop lends an extra layer of protection to his cruelty. He has created a perfect image of himself and a very tarnished image of his wife.  His abuse knows no bounds whether they be physcial, emotional, financial, or reproductive.
     Society often blames the victim, asking "Well, why doesn't she just leave?" She can't leave because she is painted into a corner. When well meaning outsiders exclaim "But, there is always a way out" rarely do they know of the full set of circumstances surrounding the situation.  It is impossible to make that statement if you have not been in the situation yourself. While Redfearn's novel is fiction, Jillian is walking around right under our noses every day. She's a friend or someone in your family. Sometimes her struggles come to light and she is able to change her environment, but often times when these situations come to light it is with a tragic ending.
     I feel it is important to disclose that this work contains detailed accounts of abuse that may be a trigger for those with close or personal accounts of abuse.  That being said, I also believe that not only was this an amazing novel but it also illuminates the unfortunate situations that many women face every single day.  How you would fare if you were in Jillian's shoes?

**I received this novel in exchange for an honest review**

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