The Historian (October Read-Along)

After telling fellow book lovers that I re-read The Historian every October, I found that some people were interested when I brought up the idea of a read-along.  I've not done a read-along on my blog yet so I think it is a perfect time to start. If (when?) I add to / edit this post, I'll be sure to label / highlight the changed / updated section. Bookmark this page so you can check-in, comment, or post an update.


  • The book is 642 pages so I've divided the book into 5 sections for the 5 weeks of October (and the first few days of November)
  • Schedule is Week #1: Chapters 1 thru 17, #2: Chapters 18 thru 34, #3: Chapters 35 thru 46, #4: Chapters 47 thru 65, #5 Chapters 66 to end
  • We will read each section at our own pace Tuesday thru Saturday
  • We will discuss the section on Sunday and Monday (I think dividing the posting time between a weekday and a weekend would allow everyone to post at their convenience) 
  • Discussion will be by posting comments below and / or Tweeting (using hashtag: #TheHistorian)
  • If you are interested in reading along with me, say hello in the comments box below.

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