DragonCon Newbies 2013

My mom, me, and my daughter (we don't look AT ALL alike or anything)

My mom treated us all to DragonCon tickets and flew in from St. Louis to stay with us for a week. She wanted to meet some of the authors, my daughter wanted to check out the cosplays (which is when you not only dress as a character, you ARE the character,) and I am fascinated by people's obsessions. These are not just fans who list a TV show or book as a "like." These fans fully integrate themselves into an alternate world, which allows this event to take my people-watching pastime to a whole other level. You get to see things like this:

 and this---> 
DragonCon spans 6 hotels in downtown Atlanta so this is Every crosswalk. Every light. All weekend long. Masses of people but everyone happy and well-mannered.

 Thursday night Mom got her advanced copy of Sherilyn Kenyon's "Styxx" and then when migrated over to the Sheraton to pick up our badges. Sounds simple right? Suuuuure. We got in a line that wrapped around the entire block before proceeding into the hotel and entering a partitioned maze that can only be described as part Six-Flags and part hell. I had decided by this point I could easily justify paying an outlandish amount for a bottle of water. If a cart would have rolled up with $20 bottles of water I would have happily peeled off a bill and chugged that water like a not so Southern lady. (Note for next year, buy drink cart. Capitilize on parched attendees)  But after 2 hours spent with hundreds of our smelliest friends we make it to the badge counter.  I get my badge. Yippee!  Daughter gets her badge. Woohoo! Mom gets the computer that breaks down. WompWomp. But if there is any type of person in abundance, it is the computer geeks so we are printed and on our way. 

Mom and I took turns taking Daughter to events on Saturday and Sunday. She knows all the characters but I'm afraid I do not. I'll attempt to name them but they may be wrong. Here's a few of our highlights:

This is "Death" somebody ?          These guys were from Medieval Times
An Avenger? X-Men? HIs glasses lit up.     This girl was "Dave" from Homestuck
Daughter thought these girls were cool (Poison Ivy and ?)   Girl dressed as Mad Hatter

But this was Daughter's jump up and down squealiest moment: meeting "The Queen of Cosplay" Yaya Han.

All in all we had a lot of fun. We even rode MARTA (which could be a whole other blog post)

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