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Fall 2019 Cookbook Releases I'm Excited For (Regional & Ethnic)

The only thing I love doing more than reading is cooking. Unfortunately, it is so darn hot that I haven't wanted to spend any time getting hotter in the kitchen! I am eagerly anticipating cooler weather so I can get back to cooking and I am especially looking forward to these October 2019 (regional & ethnic) cookbook releases:⁠

Rustic French Cooking Made Easy: Authentic, Regional Flavors from Provence, Brittany, Alsace and Beyond by Audrey Le Goff 

Mastering the Art of Southern Cooking, Limited Edition by Nathalie Dupree, Cynthia Stevens Graubart 

Tuscany Favourite Recipes: Traditional Cooking by Vinci Bellomo , Paola Baccetti, Laura Giusti, Franco Palandra 

Rome Favourite Recipes: Traditional Cooking by Carla Magrelli, Barbara Santoro 

Oaxaca: Home Cooking from the Heart of Mexico by Bricia Lopez, Javier Cabral 

Pasta Grannies: The Official Cookbook: The Secrets of Italy's Best Home Cooks by Vicky Bennison 

South: Essential Recipes and New Explorations by Sean Brock 

Seeking the South: Finding Inspired Regional Cuisines by Rob Newton 

Wok On: Deliciously balanced meals in 30 minutes or less by Ching-He Huang 

Asian Noodles: 86 Classic Recipes from Vietnam, Thailand, China, Korea and Japan by Maki Watanabe 

I've got a long list of fall cookbooks I'm excited about so I decided to break them up into sections. Stay tuned for my other selections!

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