Blog Tour: DARK WATER by Sara Bailey

Title: Dark Water
Author: Sara Bailey
Publisher: Nightingale Editions
Publication Date: October 3, 2016
Number of Pages: 224
How I Got It: from publisher
Format: Kindle 
Goodreads Description:
Friendship doesn't die, it waits...
A haunting and lyrical novel, Dark Water is a psychologically intense portrait of adolescent yearning and obsession.
When Helena returns to her childhood home in Orkney, she is forced to face memories that she has spent half a lifetime running from. Her best friend, the charismatic Anastasia, disappeared after a swimming incident. But what really happened that night by the wrecks?

My Review:
1st of all, that tagline: "Friendship doesn't die, it waits..." paired with that cover, how can you resist? As soon as you start reading, you won't want to stop, wanting to know (just like everyone in the novel), "What happened to Anastasia?" I was quite surprised to find that this was Sara Bailey's debut novel because it was pretty perfect. The setting of the Orkney Islands made this read a great follow up to The Ice Twins by S.K. Treymayne. Dark Water has a slow intensity that delivers plenty of spine tingles and creepy feelings to make this a perfect read for a rainy fall afternoon.

More Info: 
For more information about this novel, check out its press release and review by Amy Liptrot, author of 'The Outrun' which won the Wainwright Prize 2016
***Disclaimer:: I was given a copy of this release in exchange for an honest review. I received no additional compensation. ***


Judy Krueger said...

This sounds like a wonderful story and setting. If we ever get a rainy fall day here, I will know what to read!

Carmen said...

I love this kind of novels!