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11 February Releases I Wish I Had Time to Read

Everyone's busy. I know. I wish I had more time to read but don't we all. Here are 11 titles releasing this month that I would like to check out if I had all the time in the world to read. Are any of these on your radar or in your TBR piles? 

Introducing Epigenetics : A Graphic Guide
André Gomes, Oliver Pugh
100 Million Years of Food : What Our Ancestors Ate and Why It Matters Today
Stephen Le
Maureen Sherry
Lit Up : One Reporter. Three Schools. Twenty-four Books That Can Change Lives.
David Denby
Sharon Guskin
Simonetta Greggio
Mo Daviau
Michelle Gable, Tanya Eby
Hair : A Human History
Kurt Stenn
Daniel Black
Trudy Nan Boyce


Lori Bree said...

I have I'll See You in Paris on my kindle from Netgalley! I'm hoping to get to it soon!

Judy Krueger said...

Yes, busy is the word. My Feb reads are The Vegetarian by Han Kang which I will finish tonight and Shylock is My Name by Howard Jacobson, the next in the Hogarth Shakespeare series based on The Merchant of Venice.

Rhiannon Johnson said...

I love the cover of I'll See You in Paris, Lori. Judy, I have heard The Vegetarian is a bit dark, which sounds appealing to me. I'll be looking forward to both or your reviews.