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I Started 2016 with a Vacation from Reality: Take a Peek at my Week in Providenciales, Turks and Caicos

I started 2016 with a week in the sun! We visited Providenciales in Turks and Caicos and I've never seen water so clear as it was in Grace Bay. No seaweed and when we went boating, snorkeling, or fishing, you could easily see 50 feet to the bottom. I ate grouper, snapper, conch, mahi, shrimp, and the most delicious lobster (imagine if a lobster tail and a margarita had a baby--yum!) I saw stingrays, crabs, dolphins, parrotfish, trigger fish, barracuda, sharks, and iguanas. I drank rum punch, vodka Cran-Grapes, and wine all day and night. Pretty much a week of food, fun, and sun.
Abandoned pier on the beach (I was too chicken to go all the way to the end)
Our pool
Boardwalk leading to the beach
end of the boardwalk (everyone would just leave their flip-flops here)

Our main location for the week
Our own personal beach (We did a private boat charter and this was where our captain made our lunch)


Carmen said...

What an exciting way to start the year! Happy New Year, Rhiannon! :-)

Judy Krueger said...

Oh my goodness. Sounds and looks great! Jealousy, envy, and delight were aroused by reading your post. This week I am traveling to Houston, TX to see my grandchildren. Who knows what we will eat? Ha Ha. But I will be in bliss, of course.

TarheelFIT1 said...

Beautiful, Rhiannon! I hope I can visit T&C some time soon!