2 Spooky New Releases: The Curse of Crow Hollow and The Night Sister

Titles: The Curse of Crow Hollow / The Night Sister
Authors: Billy Coffey / Jennifer McMahon 
Publishers: Thomas Nelson / Doubleday 
Publication Date: August 4, 2015 (both)
ISBNs: 9780718026776    9780385538527
Number of Pages: 384  /  336
How I Got It: NetGalley
Format: Kindle

Goodreads Descriptions:
The Curse of Crow Hollow:
Stories are told of a witch who lives in the woods outside of town. But where does truth end and legend begin?A group of teenagers find strange prints seared into the ground around their campsite. They follow the tracks, thinking it will lead to fun.But it doesn't. They eventually arrive at the edge of Alvaretta Graves's property--house of the legendary Riverwood Witch. When an agrument that arises turns violent, Alvaretta places a curse on them.The sickness comes the next day, gripping residents one by one. Fear overtakes the town, and panic soon follows.The posse that makes its way back to the witch's home is armed with guns and Bibles and is searching for an end to the sickness and violence. But they are in no way prepared for what they discover there.
The Night Sister:
Once the thriving attraction of rural Vermont, the Tower Motel now stands in disrepair, alive only in the memories of Amy, Piper, and Piper's kid sister, Margot. The three played there as girls until the day that their games uncovered something dark and twisted in the motel's past, something that ruined their friendship forever. Now adult, Piper and Margot have tried to forget what they found that fateful summer, but their lives are upended when Piper receives a panicked midnight call from Margot, with news of a horrific crime for which Amy stands accused. Suddenly, Margot and Piper are forced to relive the time that they found the suitcase that once belonged to Silvie Slater, the aunt that Amy claimed had run away to Hollywood to live out her dream of becoming Hitchcock's next blonde bombshell leading lady. As Margot and Piper investigate, a cleverly woven plot unfolds—revealing the story of Sylvie and Rose, two other sisters who lived at the motel during its 1950s heyday. Each believed the other to be something truly monstrous, but only one carries the secret that would haunt the generations to come.

My Review: 
I loved both of these novels. They were each so creepy and put me in the mood for the upcoming fall season. I was surprised that they weren't releasing in October because they seem like they would be perfect for readers looking for a spooky seasonal read. I will admit that I thought "oh this isn't that scary" with The Night Sister until the last 100 pages, then I had the heeby-jeebies and could not turn the pages fast enough. The Curse of Crow Hollow had me worried for a bit that it would turn out like The Returned or Under the Dome, which were both huge let-downs for me. I was also concerned that it would take a severe religious bend due to the Christian publisher. I was wrong on both counts. It was like nothing I've ever read and wait until you get a load of the narrator! So if you are looking for some spine-tingly, skin-crawly reads this fall, check out both of these releases.

***I received copies of these books in exchange for honest reviews**

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Carmen said...

Creepy is not my typical genre because I get spooked easily, but they sound sooo good that makes me bypass my own rules and go ahead and read them. :-)