Book Talk with R and T: The Magician's Lie (Spoilers)

What a week! Tamara and I have been talking about THE MAGICIAN'S LIE this week. In case you missed our reviews, be sure to check out mine and Tamara's on each of our blogs. Tamara also hosted a great interview with Greer Macallister and we are giving away a copy of the book
So much fun!
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Ok. So let's talk about some spoilers.....
(Stop reading now if you don't want to read any spoilers)

Ok. Tamara and I usually DM each other on Twitter as we are reading our selections. We want to know which page the other one is on and what part they have already read so we can talk about it. This usually results in lots of tiny messages consisting of a page number followed by lots of exclamation marks. We try to read at around the same pace but we are busy ladies and that isn't always possible. Below are some of my DMs to T. I finished a little before T this time and was dying for her to finish so we could talk about the ending. Even though this is a spoiler section, I'm just not going to give it away because I think everyone should experience that for themselves.'s what I am going to dish on:

Ray: oh boy is this character a doozy! "I'm only 9% in / Chapter 4 and 16 year old Ray is a creeper." "Ch. 7: Ok I didn't think Ray could get creepier, but he thinks he has healing powers?" What's amazing is that no one seems to notice he's absolutely out of his head crazy on the farm? He's so super psycho that he becomes one of those "love to hate" characters.

Ada practicing in the barn: "I can't believe she put herself in that situation with Ray in the barn! Seriously, in a house the size of Biltmore, the barn was her choice? Stupid!"

Ada's mother: I know that this was the late 1800s but I can't believe that her mother pretty much tells Ada to just accept anything Ray does in order to keep the peace. I give her a little credit for trying to get her away from the farm through ballet but not much. Why wouldn't she send Ada back to her parents?

and to end with, just a random thought: I guess women carried different items in their purse back then because Arden had a strange assortment.

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