Book Talk with R & T: R's Hollywood Cast Picks for "The Fortune Hunter"

My ideal Hollywood cast for The Fortune Hunter is:

Charlotte: Claire Danes or Julia Stiles because they often play confident young women who rebel against societal expectations.
Sisi: Denise Richards, Michelle Phiffer or Sarah Jessica Parker because they are "women of a certain age" in Hollywood where being young and beautiful is the expectation.
Bay: Emile Hirsh, Liam Hemsworth or Hunter Parrish simply because I think they are all handsome and Bay is a dashing horseman.
Fred: Shia LeBeouf because he's arrogant.
Augusta: Winona Ryder or Emma Watson because they are beautiful but would be great saying those passive agressive comments to Charlotte. 
Queen Victoria: although it would be a stretch for age, I say Renee Zellwegger. I think she could pull of the nose-in-the air routine quite well.
Chicken: Jack Black because Chicken has a full beard and I can't think of many actors that do.
Caspar: Neal Patrick Harris or David Arquette because they would be great "flamboyant Americans"

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