Ideal Movie Cast for Until You're Mine

Tamara over at Traveling with T and I are posting today about our ideal cast of characters if (when?) UNTIL YOU'RE MINE would be (is) made into a movie. So here are my choices:
Claudia: I picture blond, rosy cheeked, calm demeanor-----Naomi Watts or Scarlett Johansson 
Zoe: I said yesterday that I pictured Emma from the TV show "The Following" but I think it could be Kristen Stewart because there is something a bit "off" about her or Kristen Bell because she is so bubbly but gets sneaky as Veronica Mars.
Lorraine: hard working detective resentful of her husband-----Sandra Bullock 
Stella & Grace (Lorraine's daughters) Kendall and Kylie Jenner. They are a little older than Grace and Stella but they ooze rebellion. 
Adam: I didn't really have a mental picture of Adam. The female characters drove this book and the male characters were not much concern to me. I guess maybe----Gerard Butler
James: I also didn't really picture much for James but let's throw Ryan Gosling in there, because it's Ryan Gosling

I'm interested to jump over to Tamara's page and see who she picked now! Did you read the book? Who would you choose for a movie cast? 

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