Intimates and Fools

Title: Intimates and Fools
Author: Laura Madeline Wiseman 
Artwork: Sally Deskins
Publisher: Les Femmes Folles Books
Publication Date: January 2014
ISBN: 9780615947495
 Number of Pages: 38
How I Got It:  Sally Deskins

Sally Deskins' first illustrated book, Intimates and Fools couples body art and poetry. Intimates and Fools intimates the complicating pairing of the female form and cultural notions of beauty while playfully seeking to bare and bear such burdens of their weight. Poetry by Laura Madeline Wiseman; body art and illustrations by Sally Deskins.

My Review: 

Intimates and Fools is a cheeky, fun read that explores women's complicated relationship with our undergarments and breasts. We are poked, prodded and pinched into our bras and can't wait to take them off. We shop for the newest colors and styles, shuck out small fortunes, and then curse their restrictiveness. Laura Madeline Wiseman's poetry will have you conspiratorially chuckling and each page of Sally Deskins' painted illustrations are frame-worthy. This short book is a great gift for your sister, best friend or mother. Or better yet, treat yourself...and your boobs!

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**  I received this book in exchange for an honest review and received no additional compensation **

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