Review Policy

Review Policy (**this may not display well on mobile**)
Please fully read before pitching! 

I review previously unreleased
  • women's fiction 
  • literary fiction 
  • contemporary fiction 
  • cookbooks
  • books focusing on feminism/gender studies
I possibly accept previously unreleased:
  • chick lit 
  • non-fiction
  • mysteries (must have strong female/female identifying protagonist)
  • thrillers (must have strong female/female identifying protagonist)
  • science fiction (must have strong female/female identifying protagonist)
  • biographies and autobiographies (of female/female identifying subjects)
 I am NOT interested in:
  • YA 
  • fantasy 
  • paranormal 
  • romance 
  • erotica 
  • religious 
  • self-help 
  • military themed
  • police themed
  • previously released works
  • male/male identifying protagonists or subjects

Please contact me via email ( prior to sending your work. I will verify that it fits my criteria and let you know how far out my reviews are scheduled. Due to the large amount of pitches I receive, I do not reply to all pitches. I will contact you ONLY if I am interested in reviewing the release. 

I prefer ARCs to be sent in a physical format, but will sometimes accept e-galleys. Absolutely no PDFs! 

Self and vanity published works are rarely accepted.

**All accepted works are considered for review but not guaranteed**